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Prism Insurance Agency Blog: paycheck insurance

View the latest blog posts from Prism Insurance Agency.

With the uncertainty of social security and pensions becoming a thing of the past, retirement income planning has to be a top priority for those looking forward to retirement. Join Prism Insurance Agency with our guest to discuss the changes that have occurred over the past twenty years and the rules that we face planning for retirement. READ MORE >>

Good relationships require open and honest communication between partners about money matters. It is important to discuss finances openly before and during a relationship. Join Prism Insurance Agency as we explore ten money questions for your mate. READ MORE >>

According to the National Institute on Aging, nearly 5 million people in the USA today have a form of Alzheimer’s and the numbers are expected to triple by 2050 as Baby Boomers age. Properly preparing your finances is a priority for everyone, but even more important for those with this devastating disease. READ MORE >>

Alzheimer’s disease is emerging as one of the most costly medical and social problems in the United States. Do you know the ten warning signs to watch for to detect the early signs of this disease? Join Prism Insurance Agency to discuss the reality of Alzheimer’s in America today. READ MORE >>

When you hear the term wealth do you only think about money and things? What is the meaning of wealth to you? Join Prism Insurance Agency with our guest Dr. Charles Richards, author of “The Psychology of Wealth: Understand Your Relationship with Money and Achieve Prosperity”. READ MORE >>

Do you know how the increasing farmland values impact you, both as a consumer and an investor? Join Prism Insurance Agency with the author of the annual Iowa State University Farmland Survey to discuss farmland in America. Learn what impact it may have on commodity prices, the import and export of crops and farmland as an investment opportunity. READ MORE >>

Retirement challenges facing Americans today have never been more complex and frightening. The current economy has created a perfect storm of doubt and fear for those already in or now approaching retirement. Join Prism Insurance Agency for our in depth discussion on retirement income planning. READ MORE >>

What would happen if you were suddenly unable to work due to an illness or injury? Without a paycheck, how long would you be able to make your mortgage payment, buy groceries or pay your credit card bills? Join Prism Insurance Agency as we recognize Disability Insurance Awareness Month and explore this often forgotten insurance coverage. READ MORE >>

Many taxpayers fear an IRS audit. Have you ever experienced an audit or wondered how the process works? Join Prism Insurance Agency with our special guest, a retired IRS criminal investigator. After 22 years of service with the IRS, he is now in private practice educating taxpayers and providing tips on how to avoid an IRS audit in the first place. READ MORE >>

Young adults transitioning to real life face many challenges; from establishing credit to minimizing their risk of identity theft, and protecting their privacy when it comes to using social media. Join Prism Insurance Agency with guest Mitch Weiss, an economics adjunct professor at the University... READ MORE >>

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